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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Diabla 66 Handbag Society and experience the dark, weird, and vintage vibes of Miss Randi's gothic-inspired retro designs. Each meticulously handcrafted bag embodies dark elegance with a touch of odd charm.

Featured Collection: Creature Feature Bags

An essential addition to any horror fan's collection, this ultimate final girl sidekick will assist you in conquering the terrifying realm of midnight monster movies.

Society Favorites: Best Sellers

Explore a carefully chosen selection of our most adored bag darlings, eager to earn a prominent place in your ever-growing collection. Our highly sought-after pieces will effortlessly level-up your style game.

Resurrected Coffin Keychain

Say goodbye to lost keys forever with the creepily cute Casket of Convenience, made from oddly shaped materials destined for waste.


Hands Free Style: Crossbody Bags

Effortlessly stylish and functional, our slim and lightweight zip-top bag is a must-have for busy ghouls on the go.

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Complimentary Stickers

Included with each order (...until they're all snatched up!)