At Diabla '66, we're creating luxury handbags and accessories, channeling classic horror, occult and vintage rock and roll vibes. Our products are individually crafted and customizable, ready to reflect your own unique killer style.

On a mission to empower rebellious self-expression and confidence through bold statements of personal style. And listening to some great music while we do!

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Our Best-Selling Bag ::: Bold and Timeless

Resizer_1537243956280516.jpgNecromancy Kisslock Handbag in Matte Black
  • Slim Crossbody Bags

    Low-key versatility with tons of pinup punch. Perfect for busy babes on the go.


  • Devilish Clutch Bags

    Tufted top-stitching gives a retro tuck and roll feel, reminiscent of the back seat of that old hot rod you used to make out in.  /collections/clutches

  • Luxury Wallets

    Stand-out diamond-stitched pleating and with silver-toned hardware give our classic design a modern edge.