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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Diabla 66 Handbag Society and experience the dark, weird, and vintage vibes of Miss Randi's gothic-inspired retro designs. Each meticulously handcrafted bag embodies dark elegance with a touch of odd charm.

The Spider Baby Collection

A love story spun from shadows and stardust

A Gift That Reflects Her Inner Femme Fatale

This webbed beauty is a handcrafted ode to the unconventional Queen who embraces the shadows and moves to her own beat.


Holding Secrets Close Like Whispered Dreams

Imagine this: candlelight flickers, eyes meet across the table, a spark ignites. Then, with a mischievous glint, she unveils this shimmering web of ruby red. Time whispers to a standstill, jaws hit the floor, and a love story woven in glitter takes flight.

It's a whisper of rebellion, a kiss blown to the shadows she dances in, a reminder that love can be as alluring as a whispered secret. 


The Kisslock Closure Keeps Her Treasures Safe, Just Like the Web Protects the Spider

Your dark Queen desires more than just any satchel for her treasures:

From the intricately handcrafted spider-web topstitching to the hauntingly beautiful details, each piece is thoughtfully created to elevate her gothique-chic style. A perfect companion for Valloween and beyond...

The Spider Baby Collection is shipping starting 2/3!


Complimentary Stickers

Included with every order (...while they last!)


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