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6 Killer Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend (that aren't beach or barbecue)

As the sun shines later and the weather gets warmer, us darker souls are beginning to swap out our black chunky sweaters for sheer black lace and mesh to prepare for HOT GOTH SUMMER 2022.

Here in the US, the long Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. While we love relaxing by a grill as much as anyone, we thought of some alternative things to do this weekend that aren't your usual barbecue or beach day (hey, it's a long weekend, you can still squeeze those in too if you want!)

1. Hit up a local oddities or antiques market. One of our favorite hobbies for any weekend, anytime -- go searching for treasures! (Just don't forget to invite us) Because it's Memorial Day, keep an eye out for any crazy military stuff. 2. Have a picnic in the cemetery. Blanket. Sandwiches. Bottle of Wine. Need I say more? Take a  stroll and find the oldest headstones,  the most interesting ones,  and, if there's a veteran's cemetery or section, let's make sure you stop by there too, huh?

3. Find a local food or music festival. Your mission: Look for both the best, most delicious sounding dish you can find; and  the absolute weirdest, would never try this under other circumstances dish you can find. Purchase. Tip. Enjoy.   Music festival: Self-explanatory. Stay hydrated. 4. Visit a local brewery and sample a flight. Support your favorite  brewery and get a flight. Don't forget to bring  your favorite one home!  Bonus points if  bbq or burgers get involved.* Don't drink? Check with the brewery about any n/a brews they carry (there are some really good ones nowadays!

5. Watch a movie outside. Check times at the drive-in theatre or set up a backyard viewing. We're obviously watching horror here.  Jaws? Sleepaway Camp? Pick a good summer theme and pass me the Junior Mints. 6. Visit a county fair or carnival. Hit up the shitty haunted house, get a corndog, hit up the shitty haunted house again. Win a goldfish. Name him Sargt.




Whatever you choose to do this long weekend, enjoy yourself and stay safe! Don't let politics keep us from rendering respect to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice -- Memorial Day was created to celebrate our fallen soldiers.


Miss Randi


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